What are property corners (or corner markers), and why do I need them?

When you have a survey done on your property, you receive a map showing the boundary of the lot and its relationship to physical features. It can be difficult to see the exact property lines on the ground without physical markers at each corner of the lot. Corner markers are used to show you where the boundaries of your property are, and are an aid for future work (such as installing fences).

New Jersey law requires setting corner markers when a survey is done. You can waive this right by filling out a corner waiver form (which must be signed and witnessed) prior to your survey. While this will save some expense for the initial survey, it may result in future expenses if additional work is required on the property where corners locations are needed, such as for the installation of a fence or other work.

Corner markers always require the surveyors to make a second trip to the property. When the field crew goes to the property the first time, they locate existing corner markers and site features, and collect data. This data is then sent back to our office where the survey is drawn and corner locations are precisely calculated. Then, the field crew will go back out with the calculated coordinates and actually set the corner markers.

Click here to watch a video about property corners.