Structural Engineering

Our team at Morgan Engineering can offer a large variety of different structural services, ranging from structural inspections during a home sale, to foundation design and even steel and timber beam design to suit any residential and light commercial needs. With a specialization in home elevation projects, tall walls, high water application walls and retaining wall design including both residential and commercial projects. We focus on the structural stability and compliance of building designs with local construction regulations.  Morgan evaluates and ensures the integrity of a building structure by analyzing blueprints, geological data and environmental factors that can affect the structural integrity of a project. Our team of professionals develops a design solution, verifies it, communicates it, and delivers it within the necessary regulatory requirements.

Structural Design

  • Bearing wall determination/removal
  • Steel beam design
  • Timber/Engineered Lumber Design
  • Deck plans, designs, and girder/joist sizing
  • Structural Foundation designs
  • Flagpole or scoreboard footing design
  • House Raise plans, cribbing plans
  • Soil Bearing capacity determination for homes, pools & hardscapes

Structural Inspection

Any homeowner driven concerns:

    • “My floor feels bouncy”
    • “My floor feels like it’s sloping”
    • “There are cracks in my walls/foundation”
    • “My windows and/or doors don’t open properly”

Issues discovered during home inspection: Frequently, home inspections will refer to structural engineers to analyze any structural defects they may find during their inspections. We can analyze and provide recommendations.

**NOTE: Excludes apparent insect damage or mold. Must hire specialists for diagnosis and remediation of those issues.

Retaining Walls

  • Structural Retaining Wall Design
  • Timber Retaining Wall Replacement
  • Structural Inspection of Retaining Walls
  • Retaining Wall Repair or Replacement
  • Site facilitation, i.e., regrading for patio paver area or swimming pool
  • Home sales / Homeowner concern:
    “Does the residence have an existing retaining wall. Is it structurally sound?”