Fleet and Equipment Manager


Manage a fleet of vehicles, surveying equipment and other projects related to surveying and engineering services.



  • Purchase new and used vehicles
  • Negotiate pricing and interest rates
  • Purchase equipment for vehicles
  • Jump seats, flooring, shelving units, branding wraps
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • Schedule regular maintenance and ensure that the vehicle is delivered
  • Identify warranty related work, to avoid unnecessary bills
  • Ensure that remote crews keep up with maintenance issues
  • Schedule work at remote locations for North vehicles 
  • Provide monthly update to CEO and Accounting with documentation for each vehicle
  • Assist with Company deliveries as needed


  • Purchase new and used field crew equipment
  • Negotiate with vendors for new survey equipment
  • Buy and sell used equipment using vendors or eBay
  • Track and stock supplies
  • Work with Accounting to order stakes, rebar, nails, paint, and other regular supplies
  • Work directly with vendors for equipment parts, such as antennas, batteries, chargers, keypad, and other electronic parts
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Conduct minor repairs on equipment
  • Change data collector keypads
  • Download or reinstall software
  • RTK upgrades
  • Data collector upgrades
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Provide monthly update to CEO and Accounting with documentation for equipment

Assist with Other Duties as Needed

  • Help Accounting with the Auto insurance and worker competitive insurance
  • Assist in keeping the warehouse clean and organized
  • Assist with the purchase, coordination, and moving of files or equipment


  • 3 to 5 years managing a Vehicle Fleet and/or Technical Equipment
  • Technology – basic computer skills; ability to learn new technologies; uses technology to increase accuracy and productivity
  • Valid Driver’s License

Physical Demands: This is an outdoors position that requires frequent movement and lifting up to 25 pounds 

Cooperation: Offers assistance and support to co-workers.

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